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4 Ways Flashcards Help Toddler Development

4 Ways Flashcards Help Toddler Development

Finding an early learning tool to help introduce your child to the realistic forms of learning they will later experience at school is a great way to prepare them for the different forms of learning they will grow accustomed to. Flashcards are ideal for creating a fast paced learning environment that can help keep your little ones engaged. 

Simply holding up a flashcard and reading a word to a child isn’t always going to be fun and engaging but using different types of cards and games make for a much more interesting learning experience!

Here's 4 ways flashcards help with toddler development...


1. Cognitive development

Depending on the age of your little one, flashcards can have an amazing effect on their learning journey. It can encourage them to ask questions and engage with discussions. With flashcards you are actually introducing the child to a question answer format that will make him or her curious to think about the topic & strive to learn of its answer.


2. Increase awareness of the world around them

If they are able to label household items from the flashcards they may feel more grounded in the space. A fun way to introduce & make the child learn a concept that might be related to animals, colours or even some patterns.

Flash cards further develop children’s meta-cognition, meaning awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes; where they can appreciate their own performance based on the number of cards they can remember or get correct.


3. Learning two languages

It has never been more popular to introduce your child to another language at a young age. It can be an undeniably useful skill for them to have as they become an adult. Flashcards can be helpful to differentiate between the two different languages. You could use different colours or shapes so they don’t muddle the languages together.


4. Build them up slowly

Flashcards can be a great way to introduce your child to a new skill like counting. Beginning with small numbers and working your way up as they progress. The same goes for words and sentences. As they start to understand words, the following set is ideal for helping little ones start to put letters together.

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