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5 Easter Themed Activities Perfect for Half Term Fun

5 Easter Themed Activities Perfect for Half Term Fun

In this month's blog we’ve gathered together some fun Easter themed activities for all the family to enjoy. We’re mixed in some traditional activities with some more modern ideas. Easter is a great excuse to get the family together and get creative, regardless of what you believe. We hope these suggestions give you some inspiration for how to spend this holiday with your family. 

Easter Bunny Cup

This adorable Easter Bunny is really fun and easy to make…and it’s cheap. You just need a few basic craft supplies and a regular Styrofoam cup, which is the base for the project. You can use these to decorate the house or even use them on the easter eggs for the hunt!

You can find a step by step demonstration here

Chocolate Bark

Does your little one fancy making something easter themed and tasty? Why not make some chocolate bark? This indulgent sweet treat is perfect for easter, simply melt some of your favourite chocolate and add your favourite sweets and treats to decorate. Then place it in the fridge for a few hours and then you have the ideal easter egg hunt surprise, and it’s homemade!

Egg Time Machine 

This idea is a great tradition to keep up every year. Get your little ones to write themselves a letter, let them write about what they are currently learning at school, their favourite thing to do, what they want to be when they’re only - the list goes on. Date the letter and place it in a plastic egg or another easter themed box and keep it till next year. This is a great way for your child to look back on the year before and realise the things they’ve achieved and how they’ve grown in a year. 

A picture alongside the letter is also a great idea!

Decorate Easter Eggs 

A tried and true tradition! Dipping eggs in a brightly colored dye and watching it take hold is a delightful experience for kids of all ages. Decorate with glitter, paint, and stickers and use them to decorate the house or Easter baskets.

Egg Relay Race 

After the fun of decorating Easter eggs, give them a second life by using them as the focal point in an egg relay race. Divide participants up into groups. Give every team a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. Blow a whistle and the players balance an egg on the spoon while walking or running to a given point and back and then hand off to the next team member. The first team to finish wins the game.

Design a Easter Hat 

Why not design your own Easter hat to get into the holiday spirit. You can usually find a kit that provides all the things you need but sourcing the material isn’t hard. All you need is a hat of any kind that you don’t mind decorating, this can be a paper hat or a bonnet and some easter themed decorations and pastel coloured paper to style your perfect easter costume hat!

The Traditional Easter egg hunt

What is Easter without a classic Easter Egg hunt? Dot your kids favourite chocolate eggs around the garden and give them a handy basket to collect all their sweet treasures. For kids just learning to count, you could add a puzzle into the equation, get them to count the eggs they collect and label them with the number. 

The egg hunt doesn’t just have to be eggs either, you can hide lollipops, bagged fruit and any other sweet treat you can think of.

Are you excited for Easter weekend, we certainly are! We hope this blog has got you inspired for the upcoming celebrations.

Happy Easter from everyone at Books4Us!

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