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Top 5 Christmas Activities for the School Holidays

Top 5 Christmas Activities for the School Holidays

Keeping your kids engaged over the holidays can be difficult, especially when you’ve still got work to do. Finding ways to make sure they’re having fun and not spending too much time on screens can be a tricky balancing act. In this month's blog we’re looking at ways to ensure your little ones are active so they are ready for the year ahead.

Christmas is the perfect time to take a break with your loved ones, and enjoy all the indulgences the holiday has to offer. Here's a few activities that'll help keep your little ones busy over the festive holidays...


1. Christmas Baking

While Christmas is the time to eat whatever you want, finding some more healthier alternatives can make baking not only fun but educational. Getting your kids used to making their own healthy snacks is great for making them feel more creative and independent in the kitchen. You can find great cake and biscuit alternatives on the internet, the BBC has great options when it comes to baking.

2. Christmas Reading Challenge

Switching off from studies and work is vital over the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should stop with bedtime stories or independent reading time. Winter is one of the best times of year for reading, getting cosy with a hot drink and a good book is one of the best past times while the weather is cold. 

3. Paper Cup Angels

What says Christmas more than warm twinkly lights? These are simple and safe to create with LED tea lights and are great for decorating your little ones bedroom or your tree. Directions for how to create these adorable little lights can be found on Molly Moo Crafts here.


4. Make a key for santa! 

This activity is perfect for houses without a chimney for Santa. Whether you can source a spare key or cut one out of a card Santa has the magic to make it work. Some ribbon and a handwritten note are great finishing touches as well.

6. Make your own Christmas Cards

Spread the joy around by creating your own handmade Christmas cards. You don’t have to go into production line mode. These can be the cards for the nearest and dearest in your child’s life. 

Get creative with stamps made from potatoes, sponges or even fingers! 

We hope this blog has given you some ideas for getting your little ones in the Christmas spirit! 

From all of us at Book4Us,

Merry Christmas!

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