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10 Fun Activities for Toddlers

10 Fun Activities for Toddlers

During the cold winter months, getting out and about can be difficult so we thought we'd share 10 fun activities for you and your little ones. 

1. Pasta Play 

As simple as it sounds. Make art, shakers or anything you like with dried pasta. It's also ideal for using in a sensory tray along with other items so they can get a feel for different things. 

2. Painting

Large A3 sheets of paper are ideal for painting with toddlers. You can let them create larger than life paintings and reduce mess (a bit!). You can pick up pads of A4 cheaply from most home convenience stores along with pots of paint for plenty of fun. 

3. Reading 

Why not create your own little reading nook with blankets, cushions and soft music. Get your toddler into the spirit of books by helping them select a few and take some time to read them together, funny voices and all! 

4. Colour sorting 

Find items from around the house and sort them into colours. Then using a tray with different compartments, ask your toddler to organise the colours. This is a great, interactive way for them to learn their colours too. 

5. Bath Paint 

Yes, you heard us right, bath paint! This is toxic free, washable paint that your little ones can create masterpieces in the bathroom with. And don't worry, their stain free so your white bath will stay white once washed! 

6. Sensory den 

Toddlers love experiencing new colours, lights, sounds and objects so why not create your very own sensory den. Just take a blanket over some chairs to create a tent and find some fun objects like lights, flashing toys and things with different textures. Just be sure to never leave your child unsupervised in there. 

7. Recycled tower 

Take anything you're planning to recycle like cardboard boxes and egg boxes for your little one to make their very own tower. 

8. Box fun 

Using a larger cardboard box, some tape and colouring pens, help your toddler to create their very own house or car! They can accessorise it with anything else crafty and have hours of fun in their very own creation. 

9. Learn with flashcards 

Flashcards are a brilliant tool for enhancing your toddler's speech and vocabulary. There are so many themed cards to choose from, from household objects to down at the farm. You can even create your own games with them. Find our full selection here

10. Colouring books 

With some crayons or coloured pencils, your little one can enjoy some chilled time colouring in (our outside!) the lines. 


We hope this helps to give you a few ideas on keeping your toddlers busy at home. If you have any more, be sure to share them with us on Instagram



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