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Get Reading: Our Top 5 Resources to Start Your Child on their Reading Journey

Get Reading: Our Top 5 Resources to Start Your Child on their Reading Journey

When should your child learn to read? According to the BBC, it varies between 4 and 7 years old across the world. Every child is different so what's normal for one may not be for another. Encouraging the right method is what's key, so here's some resources to help. 


EYFS Sticker Activity Book Learning ABC Alphabet

"Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start..." ABC is where a child's reading journey usually begins so teaching the alphabet with a vibrant, easy to use book like this is ideal. Get them familiar with letters and what each letter stands for so they can begin to recognise them in words. 


EYFS Sticker Activity Book Learning First Words

On from the alphabet to first words. Using stickers, this helps little ones with word recognition, formation and association. It's bright and easy to use for little fingers. 


Get Set Go: Know Your Grammar Wipe Clean Book Pre-School Book

Renowned for its complexities, learning English Grammar is no mean feat. However, this wipe clean book brakes things down and makes it easier for 5-7 year olds to learn everything from nouns to tenses. 


Read with Oxford Stage 1 Biff Chip Kipper 3 Book Reading Pack

The Biff, Chip and Kipper books have been helping children to read for generations. Read with Oxford Stage 1 is for children who are ready to start learning to read. They will enjoy listening to stories and will be beginning to recognise letter sounds and read simple words.


Read with Oxford Stage 1-3 Biff Chip Kipper Stories and Activities Pack

This book collection covers stages 1-3 of your child's learning journey and is packed with stickers and activities to make it all that bit more fun! 

Find all of our flashcards, books and reading resources here

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