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Sparking a Joy of Books: How to encourage your kids to read at home

Sparking a Joy of Books: How to encourage your kids to read at home

It's no secret that reading brings many benefits to a child's development. From vocabulary and imagination to speech and writing skills, the power of books can't be underestimated. So, here's a few of our top tips to help spark a joy of reading in your little ones.


Create a reading space 

It doesn't have to be fancy, a few cushions and blankets in the corner to make a nook. I nice armchair with a lamp or simply on their bed. Making a space seem special for reading will help your child to get into the spirit of things. The environment in which your child reads will have a big effect on the overall experience, to encourage a long reading session ask your little one what would make them comfy. Let them decide! 

Use themes

Why not jump on holidays throughout the year to make their reading journey even more fun. You could style a bookshelf for each season or holiday such as Autumn, Easter or Christmas. There are also plenty of books available for each time of the year. You can make it even more magical by acting out the book or creating your own mini versions of the characters.

Watch the move 

Remember that feeling as a kid when you watched your favourite book come to life as a movie? You can recreate this with yours by suggesting a movie night once they finish the book! It's the perfect way to get them even more excited by what their reading - just remember - always books before films! 


Take a look at our bestseller section on our website to find some of our most popular reads, sure to help spark a love of reading in your little ones! 

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