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Get Busy This Summer: 100 Indoor and Outdoor activities for Kids

Get Busy This Summer: 100 Indoor and Outdoor activities for Kids

Every year it comes around the excitement for the summer holidays, ‘only a few more weeks left’, ‘soon we won’t have go to lessons or wake up early for school’ but as the weeks go on your little ones can slowly run out of things to do!

So, in this month's blog we’ve made a fool-proof list of a hundred activities you can do with your kids. And none of them include ipads or technology.They're old school activities to help your kids use their imagination and improve their creativity. Enjoy!


  1. Draw with Chalk
  2. Paint with water (no mess!)
  3. Try a new sport 
  4. Identify trees and flowers 
  5. Make a suncatcher 
  6. Look for cloud animals 
  7. Make a bird feeder
  8. Listen to the birds
  9. Make a rock collection 
  10. Have a teddy bear picnic
  11. Make perfume from petals
  12. Blow bubbles
  13. Climb a tree
  14. Run through a sprinkler
  15. Make a scarecrow 
  16. Sit and relax
  17. Read a book
  18. Eat ice cream 
  19. Go birdwatching
  20. Identity different bugs
  21. Make mud pies
  22. Plant flowers
  23. Build a bridge
  24. Start a nature diary 
  25. Have a water balloon fight
  26. Go the the farmers market
  27. Feed the ducks
  28. Fly a kite
  29. Go to the local museum 
  30. Play dodgeball
  31. Go swimming
  32. Go on a treasure hunt
  33. Do some photography
  34. Have an egg and spoon race
  35. Make a lemonade stand
  36. Tie dye shirts
  37. Paint pet rocks
  38. Have a hula hoop contest
  39. Play capture the flag
  40. Berry picking
  41. Eat dinner outside
  42. Make a paper boat
  43. Star gaze
  44. Collect acorns and pinecones
  45. Blow bubbles
  46. Play capture the flag
  47. Go for a family walk or run
  48. Build a sandcastle
  49. Make a butterfly feeder
  50. Roast marshmallows
  51. Make playdough
  52. Learn a dance routine
  53. Write a story
  54. Paint a self portrait
  55. Build a den
  56. Help prepare dinner
  57. Bake cakes
  58. Make salt dough
  59. Do a puzzle
  60. Write and send a letter
  61. Make a scrapbook
  62. Have a pamper day
  63. Play party games
  64. Make slime
  65. Draw a map
  66. Sing together
  67. Follow a recipe
  68. Watch silly videos
  69. Create a secret code
  70. Play I spy 
  71. Craft with stickers
  72. Make rainbow rice
  73. Make a sensory bin
  74. Indoor scavenger hunt
  75. Facetime family
  76. Do a science project
  77. Make a mask
  78. Make paper chains
  79. Have a tea party
  80. Play charades
  81. Build with Lego’s
  82. Decorate biscuits
  83. Watch a movie
  84. Cut out magazine pictures
  85. Learn a new skill
  86. Invent a game
  87. Make handprint art
  88. Stir up a magic potion
  89. Make a time capsule 
  90. Face painting
  91. Draw you friends and family
  92. Write a diary 
  93. Paint a rainbow
  94. Put on a talent show
  95. Create an obstacle course
  96. Bake cakes
  97. Have a disco party
  98. Go for a bike ride
  99. Backyard bowling
  100. Go to the park!

While all these activities are sure to help deter boredom over the summer holidays, usually the phrase ‘I’m bored’ is a cry for some company. The best thing to do is to start an activity you can do together that they can finish independently. 

We hope this list will help as the weeks go by!

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