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5 Tips for Getting your Kids Ready for Primary School 

5 Tips for Getting your Kids Ready for Primary School 

The first day of primary school can be full of nerve-wracking moments, but can also be an exciting day marking the start of a new chapter. While it’s completely normal for you little ones to be nervous, you yourself might be anxious for them, there are plenty of ways to help calm their nerves. Getting them prepared for their transition can help ease them into the change. In this month's blog we’ve gathered five tips to get your kids ready for primary school.

Have a chat 

The first and easiest tip is to talk to them about it. Communication is key, once you have your place in the primary school tell them the name of the school, if they have ever been there, remind them of their visit. Introducing the idea of school is important for getting them used to the idea of being in an organised setting with a time table. 

The primary school will likely give you a leaflet or email detailing their first day and what to expect which will help, talk them through what’s going to happen on the day so they can mentally prepare and remind them that it’s okay to be nervous.

And talk enthusiastically about school, remind them of the friends they will meet and how much you enjoyed your early years at school. While primary school is about learning and setting them up for higher education, primary school is also a place for fun and allowing them to learn about themselves. 

Start Socialising 

In the weeks leading up to their first day, encourage them to socialise with kids their age. Whether that is at the park or from organised play dates with local kids, getting them used to meeting new faces and sharing play time with others will help them feel less overwhelmed when it comes to meeting a class full of new people. 

This is also a great opportunity for you to see what other parents are doing in the lead up to their kids' first day at primary school. 


Get Organised 

Unlike high school your little ones might not have a prescribed list of stationery to get for the start of term. However, getting them excited by allowing them to choose a pencil case and a lunch box will inspire them to approach their new school with independence. Let them show off their personality with a colourful set of new pencils or a jazzy lunch box. It can be a great conversation starter when they meet new friends and find out they both love the same book or TV show. 

Uniform shopping can also be a great way of getting them into the spirit of school. While they may not like their new uniform at first, taking them with you to pick out their new clothes can be a great way of helping them realise that other kids are going through the same transition as them. Picking out shoes is also great for letting them have some independence, as long as they are comfortable and sturdy, letting them pick a cute design or style is great for adding some anticipation to the start of their new journey. 

Get Ahead

All parents want the best for their child and around this time of year many will start teaching their little ones the basics of what is to be expected in the classroom. However, don’t let their home learning overwhelm you. They are going to school to be taught, they will learn everything they don’t know yet. But, if you want to start approaching topics with them, and setting some helpful foundations in mathematics and literacy, activity books will be your best friend.

Our EYFS books are the perfect answer to at home learning, from the wipe clean collection to the preschool sticker activity book collection, our range of preschool activity books are great for getting a head start before term begins. The Fun to Learn Wipe Clean collection, like it says on the tin, is ideal for learning how to count and spell as they wipe clean so they're perfect for mistakes and spillages! 

And, while they’re still at home there’s no reason why learning can’t be packed with fun and silly activities, like the sticker activity book that incorporates creativity with learning. Building a strong association with fun and learning can put them in great stead for enjoying their new journey at school.

Find all of our EYFS books here.

Speaking and Listening skills

An important aspect of life in school is listening to the teacher. Developing their listening and speaking skills is a great way to get them ready for circle time as well as being able to listen to the teacher without interrupting. Getting them to recognise their name when spoken and written down is also important for them to feel like they belong in the new environment. 

Ways you can encourage speaking and listening skills is practising, whether that is with their siblings or their teddies. A great way to involve all the family is to have ‘circle time’ at the dinner table and let everyone take terms speaking and listening, this will also help have good associations with food and eating. 


We hope these tips can help you feel more at ease when it comes to thinking about the next few months. While it’s a time of transition for them, it’s also a new chapter for you - which can be daunting. It might be strange to think of them not being by your side all the time, this fear and anxiety is normal and common in parents.

Allow yourself, like them, to get accustomed to the new change and talk to other parents and see how they are feeling, it’s most likely exactly the same as you. While it can be strange thinking of the new chapter art school, it is also an exciting time. Over the next few years you will see your child grow and learn and experience new things, and it will be incredible to watch.

We hope this blog helps and good luck to all those starting at a new school! 

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